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Alix schyns, mixed-media artist

From her childhood the beauty of the sky, of nature and of creation have always amazed and deeply moved Alix. These also triggered her interest for humanity and a quest of sense in her life leading her to study translation and to travel to meet the world.

Painting these colorful worlds, she responds to the longing of her heart to share and express the energies surrounding us and flowing through her. The self-taught artist now combines creativity with social work and energetic healing. Each opportunity to share her mixed media artwork is a great source of pleasure and enthusiasm.

“I live each piece as a dance with the flow of the universe. These bright, lively and sometimes mysterious spaces are invitations to enter the dance. They are celestial bridges to travel beyond the image and meet the invisible.

From star bright galaxies to deep oceans, from soft dawn skies to the whispers of our dreams, each person will see something different. But if you close your eyes, what do you feel ? How do these vibrations echo within your being?

These colorful cosmic worlds express the life-giving force that binds us all together in its infinite and immutable aspects. They convey my deepest wish for all and every human : that we may let thrive more light, love and grace within us.”

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